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Orajel Single Dose Tooth Pain Treatment

Orajel Single Dose Tooth Pain Treatment

Tooth pain is inconvenient and never a good time. There are several different ways to treat tooth pain caused by toothache. One of these is through a medication called Orajel. Orajel provides instant pain relief for many causes of pain, including tooth pain, through several different products.

One of the products is the Orajel Maximum Toothache & Oral Pain Relief Swabs. These swabs help to instantly relieve pain caused by a toothache and other oral maladies. The swabs can help with a toothache, cheek bites, gum pain, canker sores, as well as denture pain.

The Orajel swabs are single use and each swab contains 20% Benzocaine, which is the most that can be given without a prescription. Benzocaine helps to relieve oral pain, instantly. The swabs are meant to be packaged for quick and easy on-the-go use, with the help of a touch-free applicator and an included carrying case.

There are four steps to using an Orajel Oral Pain Relief swab. These steps are Hold, Snap, Apply, and Dispose.

In the Hold step, you will hold the swab so that the solid white tip is positioned facing down. In the Snap step, you will snap open the swab by bending the tip at the colored rings. In the Apply step, you will apply the swab to the afflicted tooth or area, including the surrounding gum (for teeth). Finally, in the Dispose step, you will discard the swab after use.

The Orajel single dose swabs can be used up to four times a day, or as directed by a physician or healthcare provider.

It is suggested that children under the age of 12 should be supervised when using the swabs. For children under two, a physician or healthcare provider should be consulted before using the swabs.

The Orajel Maximum Toothache & Oral Pain Relief Swabs are listed as the number one oral pain reliever brand for toothache.

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