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Atopic dermatitis, more commonly known as eczema, is a condition marked by red, itchy skin. With eczema, the skin is unable to protect itself from environmental factors, and the result is the outer layer losing hydration and developing microscopic cracks and inflammation.

Many treatments have been developed to help deal with eczema. Finding the right one will be key to managing your condition.

Eczema creams are one of the prominent options many people look for. Here is a list of highly recommended eczema creams to get you started. Talk to your doctor to find out which one is right for you.

Eucerin Eczema Relief Flare-Up Treatment Creme

Eucerin is an over-the-counter eczema treatment that helps to soothe itchy skin, improve the skin’s condition, and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

Cortizone-10 Plus

Cortizone-10 helps to reduce inflammation of the skin, as well as calm down the itch. This eczema cream is especially good for those with a mild case of eczema.

Cortizone-10 contains ten different intensive moisturizers (hence the name) that work together to heal dry and cracked skin. It is the strongest eczema cream that doesn’t require a prescription.

Exederm Flare Control Cream

Exederm Flare Control helps to reduce inflammation and itching, allowing the skin to relax and heal. As an added bonus, it’s paraben-free, making this cream a good option for patients who are extra-sensitive or have severely cracked eczema.

AmLactin Ultra Hydrating Body Cream

Because it contains alpha hydroxyl acid, AmLactin Ultra Hydrating smoothes the skin by removing the dead skin cells. This helps to eliminate the flakiness experienced by many eczema patients.

AmLactin Ultra Hydrating is a humectant, which means it helps the skin to retain moisture and even works to increase the skin’s moisture levels.

Theraplex Emollient

Theraplex is specially formulated to treat chronic skin conditions, providing long-lasting moisture and protection. This cream should be applied at least once a day—it can even be applied multiple times a day.

Vanicream Skin Cream

Vanicream is a nice option because it is free of the chemical irritants that are commonly found in moisturizes, such as formaldehyde, lanolin, fragrance, and dyes.

Vanicream helps to soothe itchy skin.

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented Lotion

This is a good option because it contains purified petrolatum. Purified petrolatum forms a protective layer over the skin, helping it to keep its hydration levels and allowing the skin to repair itself.

This Vaseline lotion is also very easy to spread on affected areas.

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