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Cosentyx Plaque Psoriasis Treatment

cosentyx plaque psoriasis treatment

Plaque psoriasis is an overreaction of the immune system where the skin produces too many cells. This leads to thick patches of scaly skin that flakes and is very itchy. One of the proteins in the immune system that is believed to contribute to the overproduction of skin cells is IL-17A.

Even with treatment, plaque psoriasis will continue to recur; however, it is possible to regulate the symptoms.

Cosentyx for Plaque Psoriasis Treatment

One treatment option for plaque psoriasis is Cosentyx. Cosentyx helps to improve the symptoms of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis in adults. It is a prescribed medication that is the first FDA-approved biologic that selectively targets IL-17A.

Talk to your doctor or a healthcare professional to figure out if Cosentyx is the right medication for you.

If you do end up being put on Cosentyx, you’ll need to make sure you follow the directions precisely. Cosentyx should be taken once per week for the first five weeks. Then, Cosentyx needs to be taken once a month (every four weeks) following the first five weeks.

The recommended dose of Cosentyx is 300 mg. This is meant to be taken as two separate 150 mg injections, injected underneath the skin. However, for some people, one single dose of 150 mg may be enough. Talk to your doctor or a healthcare professional to figure out what the appropriate dosage is for you.

With the proper training, people who are taking Cosentyx should be able to self-inject the required dosages on their own.

Cosentyx should not be used by anyone who is allergic to secukinumab or any of the other ingredients that are in Cosentyx.

Taking Cosentyx may make it more difficult for your immune system to fight off infections. It may, therefore, increase your risk of infections. Do not use Cosentyx if you experience any signs of infection. If this occurs, speak to your doctor immediately.

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